Thursday, September 25, 2008

Decision made to fell the Pine Forest

The Hutt City Council, recently responsible for the forest following over 50 years of management by the Wellington City Council, decided they had to fell the remaining forest. That involved cutting, often in very steep terrain, and removing the trees with a very large double bladed helicopter. The task was time consuming and expensive. Budget and other logistics did not allow the felling to be completed the first year.

With the trees left standing now exposed to much stronger winds the following year saw dozens of them fall in tangled messes. Removal was much more difficult because the very heavy uprooted base of the trees meant that helicopter removal was often not possible.

The first photo here shows some of the pines left on the Sunshine Bay - Mahina Bay ridge. The lack of green needled branches is very apparent.

The second photo shows the same stand of trees with many fallen trunks now lying in a tangled mass.

These photos were taken during October 2006 - some time after felling had stopped.

The helicopter used to take the logs out for processing and sale.

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Alex said...

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