Sunday, October 5, 2008

Days Bay Seawall Debarcle - more photos.

A while back ( a year?) the Hutt City Council decided to put in more Post & Board seawall on the Days Bay beach. However the southerly storms we have experienced this winter (2008) seriously undermined it and exposed the fact that the engineering design was totally inadequate. No account had been made for the fact that the 'seawall' was planted in sand. There is much more about this in earlier posts. This post simply publishes more photos of the latest wall being constructed where the old(new) wall was torn out.

Digging out the last of the 'old' posts.

Waste posts!
Placing new posts
A completed line

Pile foundation - deep excavation was
undertaken and
44 gallon drums placed
so the sand wouldn't collapse
the post before the concrete is poured

The first section of the new wall 'completed'. When this photo was taken the flat capping board had not been strapped down - it was simply 'gun nailed' in place. If it is not strapped it will be easily lifted off in the future by the action of the waves throwing weighty debris up underneath it as happened with the last wall.

Let us hope that this wall does what is required of and that it lasts. For the ratepayers sake we also hope that the engineers undertaking the wall design had good insurance. We'll watch progress on this one and report occasionally.

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