Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Welcome Eastbourne Spring

Monday 6 October was a day to go for a gentle walk along 'The Bays' foreshore and up in the bush above Lowry Bay. Over the last year residents of Lowry Bay and Point Howard along with much work from the Wellington Regional Council have cut a magnificent new walking track from the top of Cheviot Road up to the parking area near the Point Howard Playcentre. On the way I captured several little gems . . . . .

Metrosideros carminea on the
driveway bank at 38 Mahina Road

Coprosma repens nestling on an

exposed costal rock Mahina Bay

Lichen on the rocks (1), Mahina Bay

Lichen on the rocks (2), Mahina Bay

Foreshore beauty
(can anyone give me the botanical name?)

On a rock just south of Whiorau Reserve sat some Shags

Moving up into the bush in Lowry Bay,
the new track is a pleasure to walk on.

Near the top of the track one gets a magnificent
view of some Clematis
on an old large Rata tree.

Walking back along the foreshore
a tanker is
seen being lead to the
oil-wharf by its little minder.

The next day the sun had gone and
the tanker left again in a violent storm.

Have a great day!

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